Antiracism Group Seeks Volunteers for 2 Projects / August 24, 2022

The New Garden Friends Meeting Antiracism group would is asking for volunteers from our community to develop the following ideas: • Create an annual date for memorial/recognition service honoring a significant events in New Garden Friends Meeting racial justice history • New Garden Friends Meeting Quaker history room If you are interested in bringing these items to life, please email [email protected]

Help Start a New Garden Friends Meeting Musical Playlist / August 24, 2022

Many of us create playlists, adding tunes for personal use and to exchange with others. Some playlists remind us of who and where we are this time of our lives, filled with songs that we listen to over and over again. Other playlists we create to send our friends, family, and loved ones. I’d like to know what songs are on your playlists right now. What lyrics or tunes move you or inspire you? What…