Peace & Love Ukestra

The only thing more fun than a ukelele is a bunch of ukeleles playing together.
The musicians in New Garden’s Peace & Love Ukestra enjoy the camaraderie of coming together to practice on a regular basis. Their performances, including occasionally at Meeting for Worship, are simply joyful.
Contact the Meeting office for information on how to join. Beginners welcome!

Friendship Community Partnership

Five congregations – three predominately African American and two predominately white – make up the Friendship Community Partnership. Through partnership activities and joint worship services, individuals from diverse traditions and backgrounds come together to build community and relationships.


Members of the meditation community meet from 7 to 8:30 p.m. every Wednesday in the Plum Village tradition of peace activist and Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. We enjoy sitting and walking meditations, as well as readings and sharing. Beginners and seasoned meditators welcome.


A circle is loosely defined as a small gathering of women, often in a spiritual environment, who are looking to connect with each other in a deeper way. The name derives from groups that literally sat in a circle, where everyone is of equal importance. Circles facilitate listening and learning. New Garden Friends Meeting has three circles.

Caring Friends

Through Caring Friends, New Gardeners provide loving support for others in the congregation and in the larger community. If you enjoy cooking for others, serving the homeless, writing notes or knitting, you might enjoy taking part in Caring Friends.

Poetry Group

Over the years, a number of poets have enhanced the community at New Garden Friends Meeting. Members of the New Garden Poetry Group continue to see their work published and be recognized with awards. Their poems also have been used as readings during Meeting for Worship.

Meals for the Homeless

Volunteers from New Garden regularly prepare and serve meals at Greensboro Urban Ministry.

Healing Prayer Group

The Healing Prayer Group meets weekly at Friends Homes Guilford. Participants write cards of support and condolences to those in the New Garden community who are facing illness or loss. It’s a time for coming together as Friends to hold others in the Light.

Contact the Meeting office for the time and location, 336-292-5487.