We will stay the course, for now.

At this writing it has been nearly two months since Friends gathered for Meeting for Worship at New Garden Friends Meeting. Precautionary measures to limit the spread of coronavirus also closed our meetinghouse to its other regular functions, including meetings of committees, civic and support groups, and other social and recreational groups.

These actions were determined by the Meeting’s Covid-19 Prevention Group, an ad hoc committee including the meeting’s clerk, the clerk of the Meeting on Ministry and Counsel, physicians, the pastoral minister, and other New Gardeners. The foremost concern is to protect the health of the congregation, the staff, and the many members of the public who frequent the meetinghouse.

(Note: Updated details on the meeting’s closure policy are here.)

New Gardeners, like so many other Americans, have adapted to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. These changes have been hard on everyone.

Many of us gather online as Pastoral Minister Margaret Webb offers a prepared message via Facebook Live at 11 a.m. each First Day. She also delivers a midweek message on Facebook at 1 p.m. each Wednesday, also on the New Garden Facebook page. The pastoral care work of the Meeting continues in every way except in-person visits. Caring Friends, Religious Education, and other Meeting functions continue.

Gov. Cooper on May 8 announced the easing of some restrictions on public gatherings as the state’s coronavirus infection rate begins to plateau and decline. New rules allow faith communities to gather outdoors for worship, if socially distanced.

We realize that New Gardeners are anxious to return to Meeting for Worship, to sit with one another, and be in community as is our tradition dating back to 1754.

The Prevention Group discussed this option via a Zoom meeting. It was determined that it is not practical or prudent for New Garden Friends to alter its position at this time.

Many in our congregation are at heightened risk of infection because of age or other health issues. Attempting worship while separating children and young families from older persons seems contrary to the spirit of New Garden. Providing access to restrooms for outdoor worshipers raises additional issues of maintaining social distancing, traffic control, and sanitizing all surfaces between uses.

The Prevention Group believes the risks remain too great. The consensus it that New Garden should continue its conservative precautionary measures. The meetinghouse will remain closed for worship and other gatherings for a while longer.

The Covid-19 Prevention Group will regularly revisit these issues going forward. Everyone yearns to gather again, to see Friends and worship in community. And we will, when we are more certain that we can do so without undue risk.

Jane Foy
Clerk, Meeting on Ministry and Counsel

Tim Lindeman
Clerk, New Garden Friends Meeting

May 11, 2020

Online Worship / July 5, 2020

Welcoming Friends since 1754

New Garden Friends Meeting is an inclusive, welcoming faith community in the tradition of the Religious Society of Friends. Our members and attenders represent a wide range of religious backgrounds and traditions. Grounded in more than 250 years of Quaker heritage, New Garden remains a vital Meeting for those who seek that of God in every person.

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New Garden Friends Meeting Interest Groups

Finance & Stewardship Report / July 5th

Generally, our budget is in good shape. Contributions are down a bit from prior years with slightly fewer donors. But some expenses have been limited with the Meetinghouse closed. More people are participating in online donations through our web page. Thank you. The solar project is progressing, with a re-roofing contract about to be signed.…

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New Garden Friends Meeting Greensboro NC

Monthly Meeting for Business / July 5th

Greetings Friends, I hope you are all faring as well as can be expected in this strange time that we are experiencing. I want to invite you all to Monthly Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business this First Day (Sunday) July 5 beginning at 1 p.m. Several items will be discussed, including the following:…

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Absentee & Vote by Mail

Anyone who is eligible to vote in North Carolina is also eligible to vote using an absentee ballot and completing their voting by mail. I recently requested an absentee ballot. I was able to speak to someone in the Guilford County Board of Elections office who handles the absentee process. I was checking to be…

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Friends Committee on National Legislaton Speaks to Current Issues

Friends have long struggled with the many forms of racism in our meetings and our communities. Now, with numerous videos of violence directed toward black people, in particular, circulating the web and the tv news, it has the country’s attention like never before. Some Friends at New Garden have expressed a desire to write letters…

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The Lombard Mennonite Peace Center / Mediation Skills Training / August 3 – 7

The Lombard Mennonite Peace Center has trained thousands of church leaders in conflict resolution skills. They can also train groups in their own locations. Conflict is an inevitable part of life. Having the skills to function effectively in emotionally intense, conflicted situations is important for all of us, especially those of us who are leaders.…

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Upcoming Zoom Adult Forums / June 28 – July 26

Friends, starting June 28, the Peace and Social Concerns Committee will facilitate a five-week long book discussion of Parker Palmer’s, Healing the Heart of Democracy during Adult Forum. If you would like to participate, you can purchase the book most places online. Zoom links will be sent out via email with the Religious Education Updates…

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Wednesday Readings & Queries

Every Wednesday at 1 p.m. Pastor Margaret is doing a live video on the New Garden Friends Meeting Facebook page. Each week will include readings and queries to help center your week. You can join live at 1 p.m. or watch the video any time after.

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Mondays for Marcus Vigil

Weekly vigils are being held to honor Marcus Deon Smith, a homeless young man killed by police in downtown Greensboro almost 2 years ago. Much like the death of George Floyd in MN, Marcus was held down on pavement by a group of police, and hogtied, making it impossible for him to breathe. As yet,…

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Freinds Committee on North Carolina Legislation Action Alert

Freinds Committee on North Carolina Legislation is committed to Anti-Racism and has issued a new Action Alert to address police violence. We stand in solidarity with the North Carolina Council of Churches, the Poor People’s Campaign, and others committed to addressing systemic racism. We ask you to contact your municipal and state officials to: 1.…

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Solar+ Project Update / Why Solar Now?

I’m excited about New Garden’s Solar+ Project! Soon, we’ll be able to generate enough electricity to cover 3/4 of the Meeting’s power – using the clean power of the sun and panels warranted for 30 years. This is one small contribution to using nonpolluting renewal energy – a critical part of reducing the impact of…

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Covid-19 Safety

If you have been out shopping in the past days, you have seen a variety of folks who are wearing mask correctly or who aren’t wearing a mask, or wearing one incorrectly. You can share thoughts/requests with Governor Cooper and other public officials regarding making masks in stores mandatory and that the state educates the…

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Solar+ Project Update

New Garden’s Energy Team is excited to report that monthly meeting approved the Solar Energy + Outreach Project. This is a great opportunity to reduce our impact on Earth’s resources and save operating costs for the Meetinghouse at the same time. (We anticipate that this solar power will provide about three-quarters of our electricity use.)…

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Solar + Project News

On June 7 New Garden Monthly Meeting has approved a plan to install solar panels on the Meetinghouse roof, which will save up to 75% on our energy bills.  This puts the Quaker testimony of Stewardship into practice, helping benefit the environment and confront climate change. While helping ourselves, an energy-saving outreach will help lower…

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If You Want to Vote by Absentee Ballot in the Fall

The NC Board of Elections is expecting way more requests this year because of the uncertainty of the virus situation. Guilford County is expecting an increase of about 733% over normal requests for absentee ballots. People involved in elections are suggesting that you send your absentee ballot request in now to avoid the crunch. When…

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Friends Committee on North Carolina Legislation / Action Alerts

Information submitted by Bill McNeil: News from Friends Committee on North Carolina Legislation* continues to grow in strength and numbers as we work to promote state legislation and practices that are consistent with Quaker values and testimonies. With racial, social, and economic inequities intensified by COVID-19 and disturbing incidences of police violence and racism, there…

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“The Human Element” / Free Online Screening June 8 – 17

Interfaith Power & Light is excited to kick off our summer film series with a return of a free online screening of The Human Element, followed by a webinar with renowned filmmaker James Balog. Over 7,000 people viewed The Human Element during Faith Climate Action Week earlier this year, and to meet the continued requests…

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Virtual Summer Coding Camp / Summer 2020

Hi! I’m Anya Lawe, a Senior at the Early College at Guilford. My robotics team is running a virtual summer camp for students ages 6-13 to teach coding (students at any level are welcome). There is no tuition for the camp; however, we are asking for donations to support COVID-19 relief. We hope to see…

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First Day Events

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Online Worship / June 21

11:00 a.m. / https://www.facebook.com/NewGardenFriendsMeeting/ Reading: Britain Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice 26.72 Title: Finding the…

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