New Garden Friends Meeting
– a Quaker Community in Greensboro, North Carolina

Friends first gathered here in the mid-1700s to worship outdoors on First Day (Sunday) while seated on fallen trees. In 1754, New Garden Friends Meeting was established as a Monthly Meeting (the Quaker term for a regular congregation).

More than 250 years later, New Garden Friends Meeting thrives as an inclusive, welcoming, Quaker faith community. Members and attenders represent a wide range of religious backgrounds and traditions, finding unity in the Spirit and seeking to live out the six testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends.

Those who seek that of God in every person will find themselves among Friends at New Garden Friends Meeting.

New Garden Friends Meeting continues to draw on its strong heritage in the Religious Society of Friends whenever members and attenders come together to worship and serve the greater good.

New Garden Friends Meeting Young Families and Children

The Six Quaker Testimonies