Did you know you can recycle foam (better known by its trademark Styrofoam) in Greensboro?

Since mid-2020 the Triad Foam Recycling Coalition has been working to keep foam out of our landfills where it lasts hundreds of years. Coalition partners (Greensboro Beautiful, Tiny House Community Development, Emerging Ecology, and Environmental Stewardship Greensboro) opened a drop-off site at 1310 West Gate City Boulevard near UNCG. Since then the coalition has added trailers at 4 more sites to make foam drop-off more convenient for residents. The community response to recycling foam has been overwhelming. Our 4 trailers are consistently filled with foam.

Responding the community interest in recycling, the coalition plans to increase the number of foam drop-off sites around the city, county, and region. Our current goal is to raise $50,000 to purchase additional trailers to meet this growing demand.

You can help keep this pesky plastic out of landfills and streams and expand the recycling effort by contributing to the fundraising campaign online at www.recyclingfoam.com . You can also donate by mailing a check to Tiny House Community Development, 1310 W. Gate City
Boulevard, Greensboro NC 27403. For more information contact Bill McNeil at [email protected].