Many Quaker meetings are changing. A lot of our numbers are smaller. What are some of the ways we might adjust? What does it look like to have faith and cherish our communities while also recognizing that our energy levels are getting low?

Since summer 2021, Emily Provance (New York Yearly Meeting) has been working with a group of Friends from multiple yearly meetings, countries, and theological branches of Quakerism.

The group has been exploring transitions and endings for Quaker meetings. They’ve produced a publication about the life cycle of meetings and this resource for Friends; meetings that are nearing the end of their life cycles.

In April 2023, as part of this ongoing project, Friends everywhere are invited to participate in a series of Zoom-based consultations. These gatherings have three purposes: for each participant to learn, for each participant to share their own knowledge and insights, and for each participant to meet other Friends who are experiencing similar circumstances to their own.

In each 90-minute consultation, you’ll hear a brief presentation, then have a chance to ask questions and engage in an open conversation.

Topics include the following:

• the life cycle of meetings
• simplifying committee structures
• combining/merging meetings
• sharing/repurposing/selling buildings
• restructuring local meetings
• and laying down meetings.

There are also consultations specifically for yearly meeting staff members and clerks, quarterly/regional meeting staff members and clerks, record keepers, and trustees.

You’re welcome to attend as many of these as feel relevant to you. You can find more info and register here.

— Ashley Wilcox