Volunteers are needed to test out all platforms.

Please join us either in the worship room, Friendship Hall, by Zoom or by Facebook Live this Wednesday to practice our much-anticipated semi-programmed meeting for worship hybrid format, to begin Sunday, March 20th. We need volunteers to participate on every platform and all locations.

Our COVID guidance for safety remains in effect, and it is requested that for in-person attendance, all friends who are able to be vaccinated, be vaccinated.

  • Up to 100 people in the worship room, with seating priority to those with physical needs – Volunteers are needed to test this Wednesday night.
  • Margaret will be bringing the prepared message from the worship room.
  • Instrumental music will be live in the meeting room; some pre-recorded music may also be used during parts of worship service.
  • All participants, speakers and visitors in the building will remain masked and socially distanced in pods/family groups.
  • Overflow from the meeting room will be held in the Friendship Hall with a Zoom simulcast – volunteers are needed to test this Wednesday night.
  • Zoom will continue, broadcasting from the meeting room with 2-way interactivity. We have not agreed about how to manage continued use of a screen at present. Volunteers are needed to test this Wednesday night, and a Zoom invite will be forthcoming shortly.
  • Facebook Live will continue, as view-only – Volunteers are needed to test this Wednesday night.

We are still working out child care and RE first day activities, and ask that friends bear with this a bit further. The plan is that these modes of worship will be in place on Sunday, March 20th. Yay! it’s finally here!

Looking forward to seeing many friends on Wednesday! And so much thanks and gratitude to those who have labored to implement the plan to which we all consented in December – special thanks to Alan Spiewak, Tom Lassiter, Jim Lancaster, Ann Macmaster, Wylie Sykes and Chand White, our tech team.

Karen Garraputa, Clerk, Meeting on Ministry and Counsel