Monthly Meeting in June approved the creation of an ad hoc committee, Gifts Planning committee, to determine how the Meeting might manage the annual Sampson gifts between now and 2028, with the understanding that these important gifts will end after 2028. This ad hoc committee may also consider the impact of other large gifts. The Finance & Stewardship committee and Investments committee will be represented on the Gifts Planning committee, but we hope to involve a number of younger families as well as the experienced members of those committees.

If you might be willing to be involved in this important endeavor, please contact one of us, to learn more. Since the focus is long-term, the special committee will be able to set its own timetable. The Clerk of Monthly Meeting hopes to name this committee in early fall.

Clint Corcoran, clerk, Monthly Meeting – [email protected]

Tim Lindeman, previous clerk, Monthly Meeting – [email protected]

Dorothy Mason – [email protected]

Jim Clotfelter, co-clerk, Investments – [email protected]

Ashley Raper, clerk, Stewardship & Finance – [email protected]