Wednesday – Saturday, June 17-20 / Virtual Gathering (via ZOOM)

Our program will be shaped by God’s leading as the week unfolds. Each day will include: Bible Study, Worship, Small Groups, Evening Explorations and Fellowship. “The intent of all speaking [in meeting for worship] is to bring into the Life, and to walk in, and to possess the same, and to live in and enjoy [that Life], and to feel God’s presence, and that is in the silence, (not the wandering
whirling tempestuous part of man or woman)… There is the flock lying down at noon-day, and the feeding of the bread of life, and drinking of the springs of life, when they do not speak words. For words declared are to bring people to [the Life] and [are for] confessing God’s goodness and love, as they are moved by the eternal God and his spirit….” –from The Works of George Fox (Volume IV p.174, Philadelphia: Marcus T.C.Gould, 1831)

Welcoming to Friends of all branches (FREE!) To learn more or to register, go to:
For more info contact us at: [email protected]
(or c/o Deborah Haines, 2794 Fort Scott Drive, Arlington VA 22202 703-706-8176)

Planning group includes: Deborah Haines (Baltimore YM), Randy Oftedahl (Canadian YM), Peter Blood-Patterson, Bre-anne Brown, & Jonathan Vogel-Borne (New England YM), Angela Hopkins (NY YM), David Male, Earl Smith and Sylvia Thomas (Ohio YM – Conservative), and Laura Kelley (SAYMA), in cooperation with the Friends Center of Ohio Yearly Meeting.