This Sunday, Meeting for Worship will continue to be projected in the Meeting Room and hosted on Zoom. Friends are reminded that this is a short-term option until we have our technology ready for the planned hybrid worship in the Meeting Room up and running.

We are anticipating we will have the technology in place to begin streaming live hybrid semi-programmed meeting from the meeting room on March 20!

At that time (March 20 or after):

  • Friends are asked to continue to mask, maintain social distance, and respect the room capacity in the Meeting Room of 100 people. Seating priority will be given to those with physical needs.
  • Margaret will be bringing the prepared message from the worship room
  • Instrumental music will be live in the meeting room; some pre-recorded music may also be used during parts of worship service
  • Overflow from the meeting room will be held in the Friendship Hall with a Zoom simulcast
  • Zoom will continue, broadcasting from the meeting room with 2-way interactivity
  • Facebook Live will continue, as view-only

A test run for this wonderful and complex arrangement will be performed on Wednesday, March 16 at 7 p.m. Volunteers are needed to test out all platforms; in the worship room, Friendship Hall, and on Zoom and Facebook Live. Watch for the Zoom link closer to March 16.

We are still working out childcare and RE first day activities; we ask that Friends bear with us as plans are developed.