Piedmont Friends Fellowship and Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting have become aware of various challenges maintaining our separate organizational structure, including difficulties finding members able to serve in leadership roles on committees, clerkships and as representatives.

In response to this challenging situation, the clerks of PFF and PFYM, have met to consider the best way forward. We feel that the current situation cannot continue and that we should adopt a new approach to how PFF and PFYM organize their work. There is a proposal for Friends to consider moving the work of PFF and PFYM into a unified body of “Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting and Fellowship,” combining organizational functions and leadership. We are asking for your meeting’s response to the queries (included in the full document), additional feedback, questions and thoughts by the end of February, to be shared in a called joint meeting of the PFF and PFYM representative bodies March 5th at 10 a.m. for discernment for moving forward with this proposal.

A note from Bob Mers:

There is a proposal afloat to Merge PFF and PFYM into a single unit called Piedmont Friends – Yearly Meeting and Fellowship. Reasons for this include avoiding duplication of efforts and preventing meetings from having to pick so many representatives. We are asked to consider 3 queries;

  1. What is your meetings experience with PFF and PFYM in its current structure (benefits and challenges)?
  2. How do you see the proposal of a united Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting and Piedmont Friends Fellowship affect (strengthening and or challenging) your meeting?
  3. What concerns does your meeting have about the proposal for a united body of Piedmont Friends? For more info contact Bob Mers ([email protected]).