The Peace and Social Concerns Committee is working to help New Garden Friends Meeting incorporate more immediate social and economic justice actions into our everyday lives. Thus, every weekly newsletter will include one Anti-Racist Action suggestion and one website whereby members can find minority-owned business to support, if they so choose. The Meeting is not endorsing or advertising these businesses; we just feel it’s important to spread dollars more equitably to all community members and entrepreneurs. Suggestions for future ideas/submissions can be sent to Traci Claywell, 336-554-1534 by call/text or email to ([email protected])

Anti-Racist Actions You Can Take Now:

Consider including Black Santa Claus in your holiday decor.

Local Minority-Owned Business You Can Support Now:

Visit to find Black-owned businesses in our city, including restaurants, event planners, photographers/artists, beauty and products, barbers, retailers, dentists and doctors, health and wellness, pet care, attorneys, insurance agents, realtors, banks and financial services, automotive and home repair/services, marketing, etc…Most listings include websites by which to peruse merchandise. Or Log-in to, home of the Greater Greensboro Black Chamber of Commerce website, whose mission is to serve “as an advocate for the creation, growth and general welfare of African American businesses in the Triad. We are focused on facilitating economic growth for the business community by providing access to business resources and opportunities that add value. Creating Change and Community!”