Dear Friends,

Each week I say in worship that we wait on the Spirit to lead us—in worship and in our daily lives. This week is no exception! Though we make plans, sometimes we have to adjust, and we do our best to listen to how Spirit is guiding us.

We had really hoped to have an outdoor Christmas Eve service this year. But the forecast is for a very cold night, currently around 25 degrees, and the choir is not able to sing in that kind of weather. MM&C talked about trying to do a hybrid service, but it felt wrong to add that much work for the tech team. And, of course, there are health concerns with Covid and other illnesses going around. In the end, MM&C decided that the kindest thing would be to have a Zoom Christmas Eve service. It’s not what we all had been looking forward to, but I do think it’s making the best of a difficult situation.

I am grateful to everyone who has been working on this Christmas Eve service and all of our holiday programs. Thank you for your care and flexibility. And thank you for everything all of you have been doing to show the staff you appreciate them! They have been hard at work this Christmas season, and your kind words and actions mean so much.

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