Friends, we are tentatively planning to resume in-person programmed meeting for worship at 10:00 a.m. (not 11 a.m.), beginning on June 6, 2021, outdoors (weather permitting) on the grounds of our meeting house. For those who attended the May 16 discussion or read the agenda of that meeting, this is Option 1, which is both the safest and most inclusive of those we considered. It also seems to have the widest support among New Gardeners and seems the logical next step after several weeks of successfully holding unprogrammed meeting for worship outdoors at 9 a.m. (This will continue as well.) Our COVID Medical Advisory Group will frequently reassess our options for progressing to additional in-person activities. We will provide more detailed information in next week’s newsletter. Those who prefer to participate by Zoom can continue to do so.

Janie Foy, Clerk, MM&C and Tim Lindeman, Presiding Clerk, NGFM