We have been meeting every other week as we try to discern how to move New Garden toward an Anti-Racist faith community. Some things have already been undertaken (hiring black-owned and run companies), and we have several things in the pipeline, including discussion in upcoming Forums.

If anyone would like to join this small group, we could use a few more ideas and thoughts. BTW, we are meeting virtually. Interested? Contact Tim Lindeman.

Antiracism Query – requesting responses;

The Antiracism Work Group is sharing queries to support our community in learning to view our processes and actions through an antiracism lens. Friends are invited to use these queries in their prayer, meditation, and contemplative practices, and may wish to share their responses and experiences of sitting with these queries in their interactions with other friends.

Antiracism working group Query #1

  • How does the interior of New Garden Friends Meeting house — the pictures, the space — provide or not provide a welcoming space for anyone who enters? We welcome responses to us by email or phone call or in person.

Jennifer Schaal, Roger Seel, Kevin Lawe, Tim Lindeman, CH Holcombe, Karin Heller