May 9: After some conversation about the Quaker perspective on economic systems, Friends felt led to continue our discussion with specific attention to action items. Friends are encouraged to join us with ideas and action items that will support working towards less oppressive local, state, national, and global economic systems.

May 16: Discussing Nuclear Power

May 23: Barbara Leutke/author of The Kendal Sparrow will do a book sharing with Friends. We are very excited to have Barbara join us during our Adult Forum. She will be in Greensboro doing research for a new novel, and staying with Friends. She also hopes to borrow a car (May 18 -25). If you have a car that you are willing to lend, please mail Karin Heller. [email protected]

May 23rd is Recognition Sunday! If you know a rising 2nd or 4th grader, or graduating senior you would like to see recognized, please contact Karin Heller. ([email protected]).

May 30: Open Discussion