Our regularly scheduled message for Summer Program this Sunday, June 19, brought by Karin Heller, has been derailed by pandemic problems. Instead of Karin bringing a prepared message this Sunday, we will have lightly programmed Meeting for Worship. Friends may bring short readings or poems to share before we settle into open waiting worship — unless someone contacts me about bringing a prepared message that they have developed, and then we’ll have an opportunity to be flexible and creative.

I am currently scheduling folks to bring a message for semi-programmed meeting for worship for the month of July. If you think that you may have a leading to bring a prepared message and would like some help with this, please feel welcome to reach out to me.

Deborah Suess is continuing to provide pastoral care through June, and all pastoral care needs will be managed during this time of transition. Members of MMC continue to carry the pastor’s work phone. If you know of a pastoral care need, please reach out through the work cell phone: 336-338-1986 rather than contacting Deborah directly. We have her for a very limited amount of time, and members of MMC will triage calls and get urgent needs handled quickly.

Karen Garraputa / Clerk, Meeting on Ministry & Counsel