A New Pictorial Directory is Coming Soon! Who can forget the time a few years back when a young man was making an announcement and called out “Hey George”? He expected George Bruns to answer but instead George Harris said “Yeah.” Now that we have your attention, we want your picture for the new pictorial directory! Sign-up sheets are located on a table outside the Worship Room. Pictures will be taken Wednesday, February 6 and Saturday, February 9, 2019, right here at the Meetinghouse.

For participating, you receive a free 8×10 photo and a complimentary pictorial directory. You will be able to see your photos right after they are taken and you may purchase any you would like. For those who cannot participate but would like to have a photo in the directory, you may supply a digital photo or a hard copy photo to the Meeting Office. The cost for doing this is $7.50 and you should also supply copyright permission if the photo was professionally done. Questions: Contact Gertrude Beal 336-299-8897;([email protected]) or Carol Cothern 336-852-6190; ([email protected].)