New Ideas gathering meeting update:

  1. A desire for NGFM to consider animal welfare concerns. To Peace and Social Concerns.
  2. A desire for NGFM to promote and support the annual New Year’s Prayer for Peace. To Religious Education.
  3. Provide study and information about other religions that value peace To Religious Education.
  4. A concern for NGFM to get timely information about the issues at Guilford College; is there a way for the Meeting and members to be supportive. Gertrude Beal offered to provide information for the newsletter from the “Save Guilford” Facebook postings.
  5. A need for Meeting members to receive information sooner about deaths and other health concerns. To Meeting on Ministry and Council to discern how that can be facilitated.
  6. A suggestion that NGFM provide intergenerational programs using the Kindness 101 programs. To Religious Education.
  7. Have more of the Meeting’s policies and procedures documented in a standardized location to be easily accessible when needed. Seeking some specific examples before passing it on to a committee.
  8. Create a record of notable speakers and performers that have used our Meeting room. This is a new project without a precedent for assignment. Therefore we are suggesting an interested group assemble to work on this. If you would like to help on this topic please contact Charles Cameron to be connected with other interested people.

General overview of the New Ideas process.

The New Ideas Group provides four opportunities in a year
for Meeting participants to offer their ideas for the Meeting. The New Ideas group takes each idea and directs it to a committee to consider and evaluate. Our hope is to provide periodic updates on the ideas in our newsletter. As good as an idea may seem to be or how strongly one may feel about their idea a committee may not carry out the idea for whatever reason. In such situations it is recommended that the person who suggested an idea contact the assigned committee to discuss the situation.

Ideas that we don’t have a final status on:

  • Changes outside the Meeting room and covered entry way
  • A picnic shelter
  • Providing book studies
  • A committee to care for the relationship in Friendship Community
  • A separate committee to oversee anti-racism activities.

Charles Cameron, Co-clerk New Ideas group