Notes from our April 25th Meeting /

  1. Have a forum to discuss and consider clean energy options. – To Peace and Social Concerns.
  2. Is there interest and support at NGFM for a community garden in coordination with Friends Homes? – To Peace and Social Concerns.
  3. Expression of continuing interest for a picnic shelter at the Meetinghouse. – To House committee.
  4. What is the status on holding Meeting for Worship in person; explanation of the dynamics that will support that possibility? – To Covid group.

Ideas from previous meetings that we are needing a report on status of the consideration.

  • Still have not received any volunteers to help on documenting the speakers and performers that have used our Meeting room.
    Not yet an activity in support of animal welfare.
  • No status on the idea of participation in the New Year’s Prayer for Peace, a program on the peace religions, and participation in the Kindness 101 program.

Charles Cameron, Co-clerk New Ideas group