Here are the New Ideas Committee Update Reports;

  1. A committee to support the Friendship Community Partnership will be considered as a responsibility of Quaker Relations and be included in the ongoing evaluation of support for that committee.
  2. In support of animal welfare Peace and Social Concerns is planning a food collection activity when we have resumed use of the Meeting House.
  3. Religious Education will be considering the NY Prayer for Peace, information about other Peace Religions and the Kindness 101 program at an upcoming meeting.
  4. Tim Lindeman, Clerk is working on collecting and organizing records of the Meetings Policies and Procedures on behalf of the Meeting on Ministry and Council.
  5. Caring Friends has a method in place for advising the Meeting of deaths and other concerns via email rather than having to wait for the next Newsletter.
  6. Book studies have resumed under the care of Religious Education and Peace and Social Concerns.
  7. So far there has not been anyone interested in assisting on documenting the notable speakers that have used our Meeting House.
  8. House Committee will hold an “in person” discussion about the possibility of a picnic shelter later when such in person gatherings are considered safe.
  9. So far there has not been any action on considering updating the entrance and entryway for the Meeting room.

Charles Cameron Co-clerk New Ideas group