New Ideas Committee reports the following ideas under consideration:

  1. Facilitating community gatherings for participating in Meeting for Worship on Facebook or Zoom. One critical piece is the availability of an accessible TV with internet connection. Then a staff member or resident would be needed to set it up each week.
  2. Consideration of a covered picnic shelter. House Committee has passed this on to Grounds committee.
  3. Modifications to the area outside the Meeting room with a covered walkway from the parking lot. The House committee considers this to be a large capital project which should be addressed by an ad hoc committee of members interested in working on this.
  4. New Garden Friends Meeting book studies have not been discussed by Peace and Social Concerns but they point out that North Carolina Fellowship of Friends will be starting a book study after the first of the year focusing on anti-racism. Contact Frank Massey if you would like more information. The general sense from Religious Education is that the process would be facilitated by a person interested in leading a discussion on a specific book to volunteer and contact one of the committees.
  5. Committee to care for our participation in the Friendship Community Partnership. Peace and Social Concerns has this under consideration.
  6. A new committee to oversee our anti-racism activities. Peace and Social Concerns is seeking guidance from Meeting on Ministry and Council.

If anyone has questions, opinions or concerns about any of the above please communicate directly with the committee involved.

Charles Cameron, Clerk, New Ideas Working Group