Caring Friends is comprised of a small, dedicated group of individuals committed to reaching out to those in the community who need a little extra love and support. Particularly during the pandemic, this responsibility has fallen on just a handful of people from our meeting. We welcome new ideas, fresh energy, and would love to share the joy we receive from reaching out to others. It is not a huge commitment. And if you have ever received a card, a meal, a ride, or an afghan, you know how meaningful this small investment of time can be! If you are interested in volunteering to be a part of this ministry, or have questions, please call Jane Carter (336) 402-2127 now or by September 15. Please don’t put it off and think you’ll do it later! If there is no answer, please leave a message and she’ll call you back promptly. If you are on a list already, please confirm you are still interested by contacting that group’s facilitator or we will remove your name from the list.

  • Cards / When we receive word that there has been a death, a hospitalization, an injury, or someone is ill, we like to reach out in love through sending cards. This is a simple ministry that takes a few minutes of your time, a greeting card, and a postage stamp. The more volunteers we have the fewer times you will be asked. Contact is through email.
  • Afghans / There are times when we express our care and love through a handmade afghan. There are a number of people who crochet or knit these at their own pace and drop them off at the meetinghouse. Often these go to newborns, someone who is fighting a serious illness, or to a family who has experienced a death. We tend to articulate this as a hug from the New Garden family. Volunteers could create an afghan(s) for either babies OR adults to contribute to this ministry.
  • Rides / Due to the pandemic, this has been more limited, but members of this group are willing to drive someone to a doctor’s appointment, deliver a prescription, groceries, etc. As more people have become vaccinated we have resumed this on a limited basis, IF the person driving and the person riding are both vaccinated, wearing masks, and willing to have open windows.
  • Eats / There are times when meals are the very best way to show our support and love. People in this group receive information by email about the person in need, including such things as their phone number, email, address, allergies, food preferences and a link to a calendar to sign up for a date that works for them. Places are provided for your name, email, phone number, and what you plan to take (so we don’t all take the same thing). On your day, you call the recipient to arrange a time for drop off. Volunteering for this group does involve the ability to either make or purchase a meal, and deliver that meal (unless you pair up with someone else to do so).
  • Special / This group is comprised of folks willing to help out with a spattering of one-time needs. It could be weeding a garden, trimming hedges, driving a pickup to help move furniture, shoveling snow, etc. Contact about such needs is through email.