This Sunday, June 12, Alan Spiewak will bring a prepared message for semi-programmed Meeting for Worship. Alan is a member of the Meeting on Ministry and Counsel, and a pillar of our Tech Crew.

Deborah Suess is continuing to provide pastoral care through June, and all pastoral care needs will be managed during this time of transition. Members of MMC continue to carry the pastor’s work phone. If you know of a pastoral care need, please reach out through the work cell phone: 336-338-1986 rather than contacting Deborah directly. We have her for a very limited amount of time, and members of MMC will triage calls and get urgent needs handled quickly.

A memorial service for Betty Holjes, who passed away May 13, 2022, will be held at Friends Home Guilford, this Friday, June 10 at 11 a.m. in the living room.

If friends wish to have an announcement made at the beginning of semi-programmed Meeting for Worship, please use the following guidance:

  • Please get announcements to me in writing, either by email or hard copy, by 9 a.m. Sunday morning
  • If emailing, please put the word ANNOUNCEMENT in capital letters in the subject line – I receive a large amount of email for the meeting, and your message may be overlooked if not labeled this way
  • Events or items announced should relate to the work and life of the meeting
  • Announcements are brief; please do not send the full article that will be submitted for the newsletter for me to edit as an announcement.

Announcements should include:

  • the name or subject of the event or item
  • the date and time of the event
  • who the meeting contact person is for this item or event

Thank you, friends, for helping me with bringing the announcements each Sunday.

In the light, Karen Garraputa, Clerk, Meeting on Ministry and Counsel