Upcoming Adult Forum & Lobby Opportunity

March 26, 2022 marks seven years since the bombing and war started on Yemen. Unfortunately, this past month marks one of the deadliest periods in the war. While it has fallen off the national discourse, media, and frankly awareness of Americans, Quakers and like-minded individuals across the U.S., led by Friends Committee on National Legislation, are lobbying Congress to end U.S. involvement in the war.

Dr. Joe Groves, for Guilford College faculty and attender at Chapel Hill Friends Meeting, will join us virtually for an adult forum on Sunday, March 13, at 9:30 a.m.

Friends are then invited to join others in an upcoming virtual lobby visits with N.C. Senators and Representatives. In fact, we have a virtual meeting scheduled with Rep. Manning (NC-06) Thursday, March, 17 at 2 p.m. To join: Contact Lizzie Biddle or Dot Mason. Numbers matter!!

Not able to join? Emails and phone calls to our two Senators and Congressional Representatives matters this month. See the attached FCNL action sheet flyer for more information and use their electronic system to send an email or call.

A description of Dr. Groves’ presentation at the March, 13 Adult Forum – “Yemen: Anatomy of a Conflict”. The program will give a brief geographical, political, cultural, and religious perspective on Yemen. “Yemen,” as it exists on the map, has only been a nation since 1990. Why? Shi’ism in Yemen is not what we know as “the Shi’a.” What are the differences and why is that important? And who are “the Houthis” anyway? We’ll see how far we get!

Dr. Joseph Groves taught Religious Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies at Guilford College for 20 years and International Peace and Conflict Resolution at American University for 10 years. He founded and directed Eyewitness Palestine and has been a Middle East activist and analyst for over 50 years.