March 26, 2022 marked seven years since the bombing and war started on Yemen. Unfortunately, this winter has been one of the deadliest periods in the war. While it has fallen off the national discourse, media, and frankly awareness of Americans, Quakers and like-minded individuals across the U.S., led by Friends Committee on National Legislation, are lobbying Congress to end U.S. involvement in the war. We are now weeks into a two-month cease-fire – huge news that we can build on. Read an interview with FCNL’s Middle East Legislative Director Hassan El-Tayyab on what this means for the deadly war. This is a horrific war that the U.S. does have significant ability to make an impact.

New Gardeners along with others in the district recently met with Rep. Kathy Manning to urge her to co-sponsor the Yemen War Powers Resolution. While we anticipate she will vote for the resolution when it comes to the floor, she is hesitant to be a vocal supporter and co-sponsor. She needs to hear from additional constituents.

Emails and phone calls to Rep. Manning, our two Senators & other Congressional Representatives (if she does not represent you) do matter. FCNL is hopeful that the U.S. house will vote on a Yemen War Powers Resolution ending U.S. involvement with the Saudi-led coalition in the war. FCNL reports from congressional staffers that the only reason this is staying on the table right now is because of this sustained advocacy by Quakers across the U.S.

Email Lizzie Biddle ([email protected]) or Dot Mason ([email protected]) for more information.