Join Greensboro Earth Quakers March 17 to plan 2022 Actions. Are you interested in actions you and other Friends can take to confront climate change and environmental justice? On Thursday, March 17, 7 -8:30 p.m., Greensboro Earth Quakers will hold a virtual meeting to discuss direct action plans and possibilities for 2022. Come to learn about:

  • Plans for local Friends to hold a Quaker-style meeting for worship outside the Guilford County Board of Education to hold the Board in the Light when they meet on April 12. We will offer our support as they seek to address many urgent and challenging issues, including giving priority to sustainability and clean energy in new bond-financed school construction, and call on them to act in the best interest of the youngest in our community and their future.
  • The ‘Vanguard Very Big Problem’ campaign that Philadelphia-based EQAT has organized to push Vanguard to pull its investments out of all fossil fuels projects and companies and to begin offering climate-responsible funds as a default to its customers.
  • Ideas to shape other Greensboro Earth Quaker actions to advance climate and justice.

If you want to join in the March 17 Zoom meeting, contact Bill McNeil for a link and for more information.