It is a joy to be able to gather together for semi-programmed Meeting for Worship in our many, varied ways!

Our COVID guidance for safety remains in effect;

  • It is requested that for in-person attendance, all friends who are able to be vaccinated, be vaccinated.
  • All participants, speakers and visitors in the building are required to be masked.
  • If you arrive for semi-programmed Meeting for Worship in the worship room without a mask, one will be provided for you.
  • If you are a New Garden member or attender participating in an outside group which uses the meeting house space, you are encouraged to remind your group’s members to observe the room use guidelines.
  • All worship attenders will remain masked and socially distanced in pods/family groups.
  • Up to 100 people may gather in the worship room, with seating priority to those with physical needs; overflow from the worship room will be held in the Friendship Hall with a Zoom simulcast
  • The prepared message will be brought from the worship room. All speakers providing vocal ministry will use one of the microphones at the front of the worship room, and remain masked.
  • Instrumental music will be live in the meeting room; some pre-recorded music may also be used during parts of worship
  • Congregational hymn singing will be held outside, weather permitting, after the rise of semi-programmed Meeting for Worship; participants are requested to remain masked.
  • Hybrid semi-programmed Meeting for Worship by Zoom and Facebook live will continue. Zoom broadcasting from the meeting room has 2-way interactivity; Facebook Live will continue as view-only.

Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship continues at 9 a.m. in the worship room each Sunday.