Meeting on Ministry and Counsel would like to recognize and remember the Reverend Donald McCoy, former pastor of Raleigh’s Crossroads UMC, a sister church in our Friendship Community Partnership. Reverend McCoy passed away February 28, 2022, and his ministry to our Friendship community and beyond was a testament of love and beauty. His funeral was held March 7, at Guilford College UMC. A memory of the Reverend McCoy prepared by CH Holcombe was presented at Monthly Meeting for worship with attention to business on Sunday, March 6, 2022, and will be included in the minutes.

Ministry & Counsel will request $500 from Stewardship & Finance from the Sampson Fund to be given as a love gift in memory of Rev. McCoy to Raleigh’s Crossroads UMC. Friends wishing to share individual gifts in Rev. McCoy’s memory or condolences may send these to Raleigh’s Crossroads United Methodist Church, 715 Guilford College Road, Greensboro NC, 27409.