Thanks to each of you who have contributed to the Meeting’s operations this year. As of the end of July individual contributions have totaled $128,922, just over half of the budgeted contributions ($245,000 of the total budget of $354,000) for the year. This is on track to cover our budgeted expenses.

As you realize, Covid accommodations have made some of our expenses more challenging to predict. When these challenges or specific needs arise, as a Meeting we work to adjust the budget to reallocate unspent funds to cover these. Recently, an unexpected need to replace the fence for the playground is being covered by reallocating $1100 total from House and RE to a new line item for the Playground under Grounds.

We are also anticipating expenses for new equipment to support “hybrid” Meeting for Worship, and covering the increased cost of pastoral care while the Webb’s new child has been welcomed to our community. Your continued generosity will help cover these and other costs of the Meeting.

Finance and Stewardship