Cases of COVID, hospitalizations and percent positive COVID tests in NC have stayed stable at low levels this week. Vaccination numbers did not change much with NC now inching up to 43% of the total population being vaccinated These figures are drawn from the NC Health Dept. COVID Dashboard and vary somewhat from other sites counting cases /vaccinations. NC dropped to ranking 44th in the nation with respect to vaccination rate.

As we gradually resume in-person activities, we continue to prioritize safety and inclusiveness for all users of our meeting house, both New Gardeners and visitors.

We are opening the building to small groups according to the capacity limits we set previously. Group leaders can contact Sharon to make reservations. All visitors should remain masked and socially distanced and follow other guidelines provided by COVID advisors.

We will continue to hold semi-programmed meetings for worship at 10 a.m. on Sundays outdoors.  This remains the safest way for a large group of people, vaccinated and unvaccinated, to be together.

Those attending unprogrammed meetings for worship on Sundays from 9 – 9:45 a.m. are welcome to use the meeting room.

Please follow the guidance below.

  • Stay home if you have any symptoms of illness.
  • Meet outdoors, if feasible, regardless of group size; please bring your own chairs.
  • Reserve meeting room(s) in advance by calling the NGFM office at (336) 292-5487 or emailing [email protected]; note the capacity of room(s) you will be using and do not exceed maximum occupancy.
  • Optimize ventilation according to the instructions posted by the door of each room.
  • If your group size exceeds the capacity of available indoor space (posted by the door of each room), meet outdoors.
  • Mask and socially distance 6 feet from others, regardless of location or group size.
  • Do not sing or eat together indoors: (least safe activities for unvaccinated people, even if they are masked.)
  • Use restrooms one individual or family group at a time.

Thank you for your care and patience.

NGFM COVID Medical Advisors

Vaccine information remains much the same as in previous issues of the newsletter. Many doctor’s offices are starting to do vaccines in their offices but the Cone and Guilford County web sites continue to offer information and appointments if vaccines are still needed.

The deadline for enrolling in an Affordable Care Health(Obama Care) plan has now been extended to August 15th. Some additional subsidies have been added to make the plans even more affordable. The site to investigate insurance from this source is