New Garden Friends Meeting is sponsoring one of the outside panels, or rounding boards, on a carousel that Greensboro Rotary is installing at the Country Park/Natural Science Center.  Each panel will highlight an aspect of Greensboro’s history and our panel is “Community of Friends,” with images that speak to New Garden Quakers’ historic role, including the Underground Railroad.  The Communications Committee is working with those who are designing the panels.  Also, an interpretive exhibit will provide information about the contents of each panel.  The carousel is under construction now at the Greensboro Natural Science Center.

The Meeting has approved this effort – one that is meaningful outreach in Greensboro and beyond — and a Sampson grant of $1,000 has been approved.  The total cost of a sponsorship is $7,500 and we are seeking contributions to make up the balance; so far $3,100 has been given in addition to the grant.  Checks can be made out to The Rotary Carousel LLC for this project and sent or given to Sharon at the Meeting office.

Communications Committee