How Your Financial Contributions Worked for Justice in 2021

Many New Gardeners are aware of our meeting’s financial support of:

  • American Friends Social Committee
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation
  • Greensboro Urban Ministries
  • New Garden Friends School
  • Poor People’s Campaign
  • Right Sharing of the World’s Resources
  • Faith Action International House
  • Interactive Resource Center
  • North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light
  • United Negro College Fund
  • Friends Committee on North Carolina Legislation

In addition, thanks to the generous contributions from New Gardeners, Peace and Social Concerns Committee was able to give year-end grants to the following organizations and projects that reflect our Quaker values and our commitment to becoming an antiracist congregation:

  • Kid’s Poetry Basketball
  • Siembra
  • Hiatt Neighborhood Project
  • Reading Connections
  • The Yoga Connection

If Friends would like to know more about the projects and organizations that you have supported, check out their websites, or email Janet Inmon ([email protected]) or Patricia Gutzwiller ([email protected]), co-clerks.

Peace and Social Concerns Committee