Regarding Critical Race Theory, a very contentious topic these days: Mari Matsuda, a law professor at the University of Hawaii, who was an early developer of CRT, described it in the New York Times (Critical Race Theory: A Brief History, by Jacey Fortin, 7/27/21) as a map for change. “For me,” she said, “critical race theory is a method that takes the lived experience of racism seriously, using history and social reality to explain how racism operates in American law and culture, toward the end of eliminating the harmful effects of racism and bringing about a just and healthy world for all. . . I see it like global warming. We have a serious problem that requires big, structural changes; otherwise, we are dooming future generations to catastrophe. Our inability to think structurally, with a sense of mutual care, is dooming us – whether the problem is racism, or climate disaster, or world peace.”  – Kate Hood Seel