A message from the interracial Social Justice Committee recently formed with St. James Presbyterian, First Presbyterian, Westminster Presbyterian and New Garden Friends Meeting regarding the next local school board meeting: “They have an in person meeting next Tuesday, October 19, and I think there will be some people from the Guilford Antiracism Alliance standing outside the Administration building on Eugene St. in support of the board and the superintendent (starting at about 5:10-5:15). Since it is getting dark earlier now, and since daylight saving time begins in a few weeks, this might be the last month we will be standing outside before the meeting begins, but I’d love for some of you to join us if you are interested. It is a good idea to have a sign to hold.”

And a succinct definition of Culturally Responsive Education from Ronda Taylor Bullock, PhD – Executive Director of WE ARE (Working to Extend Anti Racist Education) during a United Way Justice Series webinar on 10/1/21: “It is about getting to know ALL of one’s students and using the curriculum to align with them and incorporate their needs in the way lessons are taught.”

In recent programs I have watched about this pedagogical approach, it has been very interesting to me as a former teacher to hear about not only being more inclusive in WHAT is taught, but HOW. Incorporating call and response and rap, for instance, can make lessons more relevant to Black students and introduce White students to new ways of listening and learning. – Kate Hood Seel