A quotation from Amhara Powell, in “Discovering Fellowship among African American Friends,” Friends Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 1, January 2003, pp. 3-4: “Unprogrammed worship spoke to my condition like no prior religious practice. I thought of myself as having always been a Quaker without ever having known it. . . When I joined the Religious Society of Friends. . . I had sensed early on that on some level, my African American culture might be put at risk not by any religious tenets of Quakerism, but rather by certain of its cultural expectations and assumptions.” I find it comforting that Amhara believes there is nothing about our faith that excludes people of color. However, recognizing and changing our culture and practices to be more inclusive and collaborative is pretty challenging. I am grateful that we at New Garden are seeking continuing revelation for this journey to become an anti-racist congregation.

Kate Hood Seel