A personal survey for Quakers offered by CH Holcombe: Anti-racism Survey Question for Quakers.

What are you doing in your daily life that addresses/shows awareness of antiracism?

  • ____ learn by reading books and articles
  • ____ learn by watching movies or other media
  • ____ learn by taking classes
  • ____ shop at businesses owned by People of Color
  • ____ volunteer with organizations helping People of Color
  • ____ contribute money to organizations to help people of color (ex. United Negro College Fund; American Indian College Fund)
  • ____ visit churches/libraries/ recreational centers that serve Black neighborhoods
  • ____ join NAACP or other Black-led organization
  • ____ write letters to the Editor, newspaper
  • ____ speak or write to City Council, County Commissioners
  • ____ make friends with People of Color
  • ____ invite People of Color to your worship or other Meeting event
  • ____ Others: (please list briefly) ________________________________________________________________________________