On June 29, 2021 I shared in this space that it seemed appropriate to me to capitalize both Black and White in our writing. My reasoning was that it is so easy to have White be the default race, and to have the words parallel was a reminder that all are equal. I am looking at this again. Our own Friends Journal capitalizes both. But the pamphlet by Harold D. Weaver, Jr. that New Garden is reading uses uppercase only for Black. After reading about the policies of several media sources, I came upon some representative opposing viewpoints, with absolutely the same intent – to treat the races equitably. Here are the four:

  1. https://tinyurl.com/2w2b3cn4 a statement from the Center for the Study of Social Policy,
  2. https://tinyurl.com/a5k5nexn a statement from the MacArthur Foundation,
  3. https://tinyurl.com/yfftupn4 a 2020 New York Times article,
  4. https://tinyurl.com/nkat76m2 the AP News statement.

There remains much controversy about this. See what you think.
–– KHS ([email protected])