Of course we are all deeply distressed about the horrors taking place in Ukraine at the hands of Vladimir Putin. And wondering how our country and its allies can most effectively stop the death, destruction and severe trauma there. A friend of mine recently acknowledged this, and also boldly noted that white people have been acculturated to be more concerned, engaged and truly incensed about atrocities taking place against lighter skinned people such as Europeans than those against darker skinned people in places like Ethiopia and Yemen. Her words gave me pause; I must admit to that tendency myself . . . The current situation with Ukraine is particularly fraught because of our longstanding stance of viewing Russia as Enemy with massive military power, including an arsenal of nuclear weapons, and the swift, brutal actions Putin is taking. That naturally elevates the level of concern tremendously, but it is worth thinking about the difference between our own and our country’s interest in and responses to the plights of people of light and dark skin.

– KHS ([email protected])