Many of us have walked the trail to the Underground Railroad Tree in the Guilford College Woods. Some have also explored the website about 19th century local Underground Railroad activities tour. I invite all to visit this site, which contains information about the tree, URR history and stories. There is even an online curriculum, the introduction to which is worth sharing here:

The Underground Railroad Tree invites us to consider the question, “Do we seek to create justice and places of refuge in our own community and in the world at large?” The Tulip Poplar tree dates back to before 1800 and was present during the documented operation of the Underground Railroad in Guilford County between 1819-1852. The tree serves as a silent witness to the lives and actions of African Americans (enslaved and free) and their white allies which included many Quakers from New Garden.

This site serves as a resource for elementary, middle and high school students and teachers to learn more about the pathway to freedom enslaved Africans took through Guilford County, North Carolina. As New Gardeners work now to challenge racism, we are continuing a very important legacy.

– KHS ([email protected])