Several Quaker organizations – including the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Friends Council on Education, Friends General Conference, and Pendle Hill – have formed a coalition to accelerate the work to end white supremacy among and beyond Friends.

The organizations plan to host a community of practice (a group of folks learning and experimenting together) of 80 or so people from throughout the Religious Society of Friends, seeking racial parity and with substantial representation from LGBTQ and young Friends. Through one virtual and one in-person retreat and intervening monthly zoom sessions from September, 2021 through June, 2022, they will design, execute and reflect on strategies for change; create and share a set of teaching tools and resources to promote best practices; plan for sustained racial justice work in participants’ home communities; and catalyze sustained work on reparations, decolonization, and abolition. If interested, check out this link –

(Submitted by Peace & Social Concerns)