A great way to share your commitment to becoming antiracist is to give a child on your gift list a book written by or illustrated by an African American. There are countless ways of selecting such a book, but one good starting place is checking out the Coretta Scott King Book Award.
This is an annual recognition by the American Library Association of outstanding children’s books. When I Googled this award, I recognized a book that was recently placed in our Little Free Antiracist Library, “The Hate You Give” by Angie Thomas (recommended for 13yrs +).
Instead of listing others here, I encourage you to look on-line to read some of the descriptions and appropriate age recommendations. They range from 4yr – Young Adult. You can even make some selections for free by checking out our LFAL! Happy gifting!

Other ideas about how you incorporate your antiracist efforts into your routine? We’d love to hear!
— j[email protected]