Bolivia Quaker Education Fund is sponsoring a two-week tour of Bolivia and its rich culture and astounding natural beauty, July 9-22, 2020. This year there will be an added emphasis on studying climate change and its impact. The tour will be led by Dr. Stanley Blanco, the founder of a nonprofit to improve Bolivian children’s health who is also a bilingual tour leader and international aid manager, assisted by Alicia Lucasi of BQEF and Guido Quispe, a BQEF graduate and environmental specialist. The tour is inspired by the work of Jennie M. Ratcliffe, an environmental research scientist, activist, and Quaker who makes connections between peace, justice, and ecological sustainability in her book, Nothing Lowly in the Universe: An Integral Approach to the Ecological Crisis. Former graduates of our scholarship program will be among those presenting and assisting with the tour. Travelers will visit Quaker communities in the Altiplano region to witness environmental adaptations in the high plains. Participants will fly into Sucre, a UNESCO World Heritage site and former capital. The itinerary will include La Paz, the stunning salt flats of Solar de Uyuni, Quaker communities in the Altiplano, the pre-Incan ruins of Tiwanaku, and Lake Titicaca, ending in the current capital, La Paz. For more information and to register for the trip, please visit the BQEF website We would like to have a tentative number of registrants by the end of January; thus, if you are at all interested, please let us know (email [email protected]). While we are very concerned about the ongoing political unrest in Bolivia which has impacted life for most everyone in the El Alto and La Paz areas, at this time we are moving forward with our plans for the trip as we are hoping that the situation may be more settled by July.