This Sunday, June 5, based on feedback from many in our community, other committee efforts, and insights from literature, the Anti-racism group at NGFM would like to recommend the following points for approval of Monthly Meeting.

  1. Art needs to be curated and possibly rearranged with an antiracism lens and evaluated to be kept or explained (e.g. mosaics, William Penn picture, Hicks picture some of which have problematic images of indigenous Americans, etc.).
  2. Meeting history needs to be contextualized and perhaps consolidated– photographic history could be pulled together in one location and explained (e.g. former and current pastors, brotherhood classroom, William Penn’s picture…..).
  3. Examine Bulletin Boards for diversity and currency.
  4. Add multicultural welcome sign and clearly marked visitor table at the entry area We will give additional context and specific examples in Monthly Meeting. We ask that Friends spend time over the next few days reflecting on the recommendations so that we can continue our efforts to live into our testimony of equality with increased integrity.