9:45 a.m. / Mark Judkins Helpsmeet / Northern Spirit Radio: A Quaker Ministry of Radio https://northernspiritradio.org

What would a ‘Silent Quaker’ share on the radio? Many Quakers joke that it would be an hour of silence, but that
obviously ignores the great fervor with which early Quakers carried their message & testimony out into the world. When invited in by folks at a local community radio station to share a weekly radio broadcast, Mark Judkins Helpsmeet had to figure it out. Mark will share about the process of finding & following a leading, how to find a way to share Quaker truths to a non-Quaker world, and how to navigate the compromises and constraints of the world with integrity, and he’ll engage those present with the skills of bringing out Truth, and encourage them in their own leadings. Mark Judkins Helpsmeet is a terminal extrovert ‘Silent Quaker’, ex-Peace Corps Volunteer, former Physics & Math professor, Computer programmer & consultant, grandfather of 7, and a passionate international folk dancer and cofounder of The Friendly Folk Dancers. His full-time work since 2005 has been with NorthernSpiritRadio.org.


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