Brotherhood Room / 12:15 – 2:30 p.m.

Lunch & Learn will feature ‘Santuario’, a documentary film telling the story of Juana Tobar Ortega, an asylum seeker from Guatemala now living at Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church. The director of the film, Pilar Timpane, has offered us an opportunity to screen the 45-minute director’s cut of her film. With Juana living in sanctuary, ICE cannot come in, but Juana cannot leave to work or be at home with her family.  And yet, she leans into her faith, patient that in God’s house, God will answer her prayers. In this complicated immigration landscape, communities can be divided, or communities can be brought together under extraordinary circumstances. Santuario is a documentary short about radical faith, one family’s fight to stay together, and the true meaning of church in today’s immigration climate.