Church World Service Greensboro / April 2023 / Highlights & Updates /

With your support CWS Greensboro has welcomed 54 refugees to Greensboro in 2023, with 15 more new neighbors arriving over the next few weeks!! Additionally, our case management and employment teams continue to provide support to Ukrainians in the Triad, with 41 clients served since the start of the war.

We expect refugee arrival numbers to continue to increase throughout the year as the Federal Government continues to rebuild the resettlement system. We are so grateful for all that you do and all that you give to make Greensboro a safe and welcoming new home for refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers.

Recent Highlights

We are so grateful for our incredible Greensboro community and the welcoming city you’ve made for our newly arrived neighbors like this family who arrived just a few weeks ago.

Our Community Provides Housing!

The first photo is of the family on their first day in the U.S. when our case managers brought them to their free, temporary housing in a beautiful home provided by a local congregation.

Our Community Provides Schools!

The second photo is of the 6 boys enrolling at the Doris Henderson Newcomers School, a public school dedicated to empowering newly arrived refugee and immigrant children.

New Job – New Hope

Our new neighbor is so proud and excited to show off her new Walmart uniform after a recent shift at her FIRST JOB!

After arriving in Greensboro, she worked with our Employment Services team by attending job search and workplace orientation classes, filling out applications, and going to interviews. Our team works hard to connect our clients with quality employers so that they can begin to gain the resources they need to build their new lives in Greensboro.

CWS has 23 refugee and immigration offices spread across 17 different states.