Thank you to all of the New Gardeners who have participated in surveys, forums, focus groups, intergenerational meals, and recorded conversations with Carry-In Meals! Needless to say, we now have a plethora of information and input as we attempt to get a “sense of the Meeting.”

We are grateful to Troy Winfrey, Ashley’s partner, who is a professional qualitative research analyst and is not daunted by the task of making sense out of lots of ideas and opinions! He believes that we are doing great as a Meeting to engage with these queries on Heritage, Leadership, Vision and Future.

Our next steps are to sort this wealth of information into categories that will lead to agreed-upon statements that can become marketing points to advertise our open position and interview questions for our potential candidates. Due to travel plans of many Friends and committee members, there might be some natural percolating time as we all process our hopes and concerns. The Transition Team will be bringing forward in June and July summaries of what has been said and heard for New Gardeners to further distill, discuss and come to unity on how we want to present ourselves for our next pastor.

Cathy Hamilton
for the Transition Team