Friends are called to a meeting August 21 at 1:00 pm for the the discussion of New Garden’s COVID queries and policies. In advance of the meeting, please provide any comments and suggestions you might have to Kevin Lawe, Clerk of Ministry and Counsel. Kevin will categorize and consolidate these suggestions to facilitate our discernment on the 21st.

  1. How is Spirit calling each person to ministry to take on the work of the life of the meeting so that it may be a safe, inclusive, and vibrant community?
  2. What is essential to you to feel connected to the NGFM community? What is limiting or constraining your ability to experience (or take part in) the Meeting in the way that you want to at this time?
  3. Is New Garden Friends Meeting at a point where we can consider relaxing some of our restrictions at Meeting for Worship, open the Meetinghouse to a more open flow of activity, and begin to establish new protocols for old and new activities such as committee meetings, communal meals, memorial gatherings, etc.? What are your specific suggestions for doing so, and still maintain the safety of our visitors and staff?

Clinton D. Corcoran, Clerk, New Garden Friends Meeting