Honor cards are a different way for you to give a present to your friends or loved ones: Instead of a physical object, you give a card that reflects a gift to a charity. The gift to the charity is in the name of your friend or loved one, so they know that a local organization has been supported in their honor. At New Garden Friends Meeting, we have selected a few local organizations to support through honor cards. You can buy each card from us with a donation of $5.00, and you will then send the card to the person you wish to honor.

Honor cards will be for sale at the rise of the in-person outdoor Meeting for Worship on the four Sundays of Advent starting November 28, except if Meeting for Worship is virtual only (via Zoom). We will probably add an additional date/time to buy honor cards by coming by the Meeting House.

All cards are $5.00 per card from all organizations. Preferred payment by check. Checks must be made payable to each individual organization – not to New Garden.

If you have questions, contacts for this event are: Cathy Hamilton, ([email protected]) Patricia Gutzwiller, ([email protected]) List “honor cards” in the subject line of your email to them.